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Love and Loathing

Love and Loathing

I really enjoy posting about music, so I’m going to continue to do album reviews/commentaries! My blog, my rules! [Laughing at myself forever. These posts are just easy and fun, so I like them.]

With Confidence, a band that I’ve seen live twice, came out with a new album! I pre-ordered it, which I never do, but supporting bands is important! Especially when they’re babes who write what end up being some of your all time faves!

1. Paquerette (Without Me)

“I hope you’re better without me”

I like this one specifically because it’s doesn’t really come off as a “I miss you” kind of song. There’s a lot of music that says “I’ll be fine” implying that they’re not over the person they’re singing about, but they hope the best for them moving forward. The first time I heard “Paquerette” it made me feel like they were just singing about their ex without any romantic feelings, just genuinely hoping the best for them. It’s relatable. I enjoy it. I also really like blasting it with the windows down. It makes me feel French for some reason.

2. Jaded

“And I wish I could be everything you’re needing/I wish I could find all the things you’re seeking/I wish I could say what you need to hear but/I’ll never be, never see, everything you’re needing”

“Have you thought of me the same way that I’ve thought of you?”

This song is so fun!! I also live for that last line. The way Jayden sings it gets me every time. I love him and my mind is often times engulfed by similar thoughts.

3. Moving Boxes

“I hope you’re ready cause you’re gonna sleep alone tonight/We’re temporary and you’re moving further out of sight/Hold it steady cause we’re gonna set it all alight/I’m moving boxes in, we are now separate”

This reminds me of someone I know, they’re great, that’s just how it goes.

4. Spinning


When they sang “seven five three seven miles”, I felt that.

5. Better

“Keep me in the space between what you love and what you need”.

6. Bruise

So far this summer I’ve only really cried once (almost record breaking!), so I definitely feel the “we’re pressing on a bruise just to feel something”. On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll see in future posts the pain that was felt this summer. Unconventional heartbreak.

7. The Turnaround

This song reminds me of my faith!

“But I want to be brave and I want to feel changed/And I wanna say, ‘let’s make today the turnaround’.”

8. Dopamine

Okay, this song is really interesting because it sounds so much like worship music to me. I can’t decide if it’s the way it sounds or the lyrics (both, maybe?), but I think about God the entire time I listen to it. Listen to it and let me know what you think. I’m genuinely confused, but delighted.

“You are golden and you are flowing through me”.

9. That Something

This song came out a few weeks early, so I actually heard it live at Warped Tour! I think it sounds great, but there are not many stand out lyrics. It’s interesting. A bop!

10. Sing To Me

I thought I would really like this one, but since they literally say “sing to me, won’t you Emily”, it makes me feel like it’s a romantic song about Emily Schukai and no matter how much I love her I can’t get behind that. SORRY EMILY! It’s not my absolute least favorite!

11. Tails

Sammy really likes this one but it reminds me of dogs chasing their tails.

12. Icarus

I love With Confidence. I really do. But this doesn’t sound like this at all and the first time I started listening to it, I almost skipped it because I didn’t care about listening to the whole thing. I don’t like songs about broken necks.

I loved this album and I love you, With Con! I’m excited about their growth. They seem like great guys and they’re great performers! Hoping to see them live again soon.


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