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Living Proof

Living Proof

I know what you’re thinking! Don’t do an album review, no one cares! I'm sorry in advance.

One of my favorite bands, State Champs, released an album recently called “Living Proof” and since it came out on a day where I just happened to be stuck in a car for 6 hours, I put the tracks in order of my favorites to my least favorites. Here’s my list with some comments/quotes/thoughts.

1. Safe Haven

“My heart's not built for bitterness”. First of all, relatable. Second, I think I like this song a little extra solely because it’s called “Safe Haven” which makes me feel like it has Christian undertones.

2. Cut Through the Static

Three thousand miles away I'm feeling something desperate/I thought I found myself in the new light today/but the darkness inside me it pushes you away/If only we could wait for the truth/Let's cut through the static/And be the living, the living proof

3. The Fix Up

R e l a t a b l e. I can relate. This relates to me.

4. Sidelines

The entire chorus is my life right now. “Tell me what we're waiting for/Are we holding out for something more/Here on the sidelines/We're out on our own time/There's nothing like a crowded room/To make me wanna up and leave with you/Under the bright lights/Still here on the sidelines”.

5. Dead and Gone

“The wind would blow your summer hair (One year ago)” reminds me of person I used to know and a place I used to love.

6. Crystal Ball

“Still, at least I’ll never be ungrateful”

7. Frozen

“We've been walking on ice but is it strong enough?”

“I asked for your heart but you asked for a breather” (this reminds me of one of my favorite tweets, “he offered me the world and I said uhhhhh I asked for a vodka soda”.)

8. Criminal

Criminal was the first track on the album and my first thought was “shit, this is relatable”.

9. Something About You

“That's just the path we ended up on, baby.”

10. Lightning

“Who knew we were lightning? I saw a spark before we heard any sound to follow” reminds me of a person I know and a place I love.

11. Our Time to Go

I don’t really get this song, but the music video was really cool!

12. Mine is Gold

This song is weird. “Your heart is black and mine is gold”? Is that not kinda weird?

13. Time Machine

I hate that this song is my least favorite because MARK HOPPUS is on this track, but it just doesn’t really do it for me. I don’t know!

I’m hoping they go on tour again soon! Seeing them at Warped Tour was super fun, Derek is an interesting soul.


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